Virtual Active Running:

I’ve ran through The Utah Mountains, the Swiss Alps, The Italian Alps, Chicago, Hollwood, Venice, et cetera. Virtual Active Running is a program that creates interactive media products to entertain runners, hikers, and cyclists during their indoor training. Something I started doing a while back, I am not yet a 100 % sure if I actually like it.
I’ve been running while staring at a road or view of  the mountains on a screen that is connected to a treadmill for a few weeks now and I’ve got to say, at times it does distract you. It makes you forget that you’re actually running which makes the work-out slightly easier. But the idea of “fake” running through the Swiss Alps still sounds weird to me, there’s just something off about it.
All by all I’m still inspired by the idea, these machines make it so realistic. You can put on a little ventilator that is installed into the machine which makes you feel like you’re running in the wind, of course with a suitable soundtrack in the background. When running past people some of them actually smile and wave when you run past. It does make the experience of running more enjoyable. Especially if you’ve always wanted to go see Chicago or Hollywood. Why not bring those city and places to you, why not while you’re working out?
My only fear, and probably the reason why I’m not sure if I like it, is that it can make us lazy. By making the run so realistic won’t we be more likely to just drag our asses to the gym instead of running outside in the sun trying to actually experience our own surroundings? It’s perfect  in the winter though, because who likes to go running when it’s freezing, and you have a constant fear of falling on your face?

Anyways, I think it’s a nice subject and certainly a good initiative, although I have my doubts. Please share your opinion if you have one relating this subject, I can’t wait to read your input 🙂