It starts with a name and a story.

Hello internet,

My name is Allison, I am nineteen years old and a student at the University of Leiden (Holland). I study film and literature, I have also taken classes in theatre and media studies and I’m currently part of a minor called ‘Journalism and New Media.’

Up until now my life has been chaotic, fun, complicated and exhilarating. You see, when I was ten years old I came home and told my parents I wanted to become a professional contemporary dancer. Supportive as they are they made sure that from that point on I had the best teachers, the right state of mind, and everything else I needed to make it in the business. When I was thirteen I auditioned for a (high) school for the arts and got in, that’s when the roller coaster began.

After a year I changed schools and went to the big city, Brussels. I started studying contemporary dance right in the middle of the vibrant capital of Belgium. Three years went by, I learned a lot, I danced a lot, I did everything I had to do to stay at the top of my game. In 2011 I had my auditioning year for different colleges for the arts, I auditioned for eight different schools, got into one where they put me on the waiting list.

I said goodbye to my dream for several reasons. The road wasn’t easy, I’ve had my doubts but two years later I am back on my horse, I am happy, I have found love and a new dream. For the first time in these past few years I do not feel the need to look back, but to go forward.

This blog will be a guide to the daily things that attract my attention. From the people that I meet, to the things I see or read.

I hope you enjoy reading as I much as I enjoy writing.