SHORT REVIEW: The National Theatre’s Othello (Live from London) #NTOthello

26/09 – 20.00pm:
I’m in a comfortable chair sitting in a Pathé theatre in The Hague (Holland) about to watch the premier of The National Theatre’s Othello LIVE from London. I don’t yet know what to expect. Remakes of Shakespeare plays can be absolutely amazing, or absolutely not.
The show starts, I was surprised to see subtitles on the bottom of the screen but it was a happy surprise. From the first moment on, everything was right. The interpretation of the characters, the acting, the music, the setting, the stage, the humor, everything.
Rory Kinnear did an absolutely amazing job portraying Iago. His performance was spot on because from the moment Iago started planning his frame-up I did not like him.
Adrian Lester did amazingly as well. Lester has a really calm but assertive way of acting, he just pulls you into the story. His performance of Othello and his undergoing was breathtaking.

I would gladly go to the theatre tonight and watch it all over again.
Congratulations to all the cast and crew, I really enjoyed the rendition of Othello and I recommend it too all theatre and Shakespeare lovers.


Currently working on:

For my journalism class we have to write an article on a subject by choice. The motivation of my article is a video by Celia Rowlson Hall called “The Audition” where she pretends to be in an audition and gets asked to do the weirdest things (click on her name or title of the video to check it out). After seeing this video I started to think, why does she have to do these crazy things? Also, why is she doing them without thinking twice?
The video can be seen as absurdist, humorist but also as something that potentially really happens. So I decided to find out how far young dancers/artists will go to get a spot in a school or production.
I’m now in the middle of my interviewing phase and its going well. I’ve already interviewed the head of a theatre/dance school here in Holland and she gave me some really great input. I’m going to interview some students soon and then I’ll be ready to start the writing process. It’s exciting, this will be my first real journalistic piece.

“The Fine Art Of Spying”

“The Fine Art Of Spying”

These last two years I’ve been learning about how our culture is chancing drastically, to something called “surveillance culture”. I saw this article and I thought it was interesting how they are turning this new “surveillance culture” into art. Do you know in London you are put on a camera about 200 times a day without even knowing, and that’s just one example. If you think about how many times people take pictures and you might accidentally turn out to be in the background. To think that your face, your presence is being put on the internet every day, doesn’t that make you shiver a little?



My first tattoo.
I had known for 2 years what I wanted and where I wanted it. Finally I turned 18 and was able to get it. But when I was 16 I had no idea that the meaning of it would grow and grow.

Hope is the thing that broke me. Hope is also the thing that made me get up again.
When I was dancing and I had auditions I would always get my hopes up, I would get overconfident. On the one hand that’s what you have to do at auditions so they can see that you know exactly what you’re doing, but on the other hand if you don’t get picked the disappointment is even bigger. Before every audition I would get my hopes up and convince myself that I would get this one, that I would get the part, or get into this or that school but I never did. In the end I went from being a very big hopeful person to someone with no confidence at all.
For months I didn’t know what to do with myself, even as I picked a new study I never got my hopes up again. The first 6 months were hard but after my first round of exams (and a couple of total break downs) I saw that I had passed them all and I thought “I can be good at something other then dancing.” And a little confidence came back.
3 years later, I’m still not overconfident, I still don’t get my hopes up very easily but I have learned to live with disappointments (or at least I try). I do have hope, I always hope for the best but I’m expecting the worst. In that way I try to protect myself from getting that hurt again.

Hold On Pain Ends

First day of school

School started again and even though I’m really excited to learn about all these new things I am a little concerned about the workload. So this is where the planning starts.

On monday I have two courses (both in journalism) one of them gives us a deadline for the upcoming thursday every week so I have to make sure I start the day after or even that same day.
On tuesday I have one course in intercultural literature, I have to read 2/3 texts for that every week so I need to make sure to start reading in time.
On wednesday I have another journalism course which now includes a lot of reading so I have to make sure I finish that every week as well.
On thursday I have two courses, one called expanded cinema (again 2/3 articles a week) and the other is a writing workshop for my bachelor thesis (brainstorming, brainstorming, brainstorming)

So this is what I normally have to do a week, but things can chance. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. I’m going to try and keep up with it all so I can finish my last bachelor year with a smile and so I can walk the stage with my bachelor degree in June or July.


So which one are you?

So which one are you?

I found this while trolling. I have no clue if this is accurate in any way (maybe interesting to find out, I will keep you updated).
Anyway, I thought it was interesting because this shows that I’m left brained and most of the characteristics fit me perfectly.
So how about you? Are you right or left brained and do you agree with the characteristics listed here?

Don’t be shy to leave me a comment 🙂

The writing process

The writing process

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was younger and got upset or really mad I would write a letter to my parents explaining why. I just always thought it was easier expressing myself in writing. Even when I went to boarding school when I was 14, the first thing my mom gave me was a little book so I could write down anything that was bothering me. I always felt out of place when I was there so I ended up filling the pages with thoughts, comments, happy moments, sad moments, things I was confused about or ideas that popped into my head.
Right now I’m preparing to start a minor in Journalism & New Media and I’m reading about all these techniques to write, it’s getting me all excited.
I can’t wait to start writing and exploring and learning.
My goal is to find my own writing style, to find something I’m really passionate about, to find my own specialty.
I have an exciting year ahead of me, let’s go for it.