About me

Name: Allison
Age: 21
From: Gent, Belgium
Now Living in: Leiden, Holland
Currently Studying: MA of Media – Comparative Literature and Literary Studies at Leiden University + Extra courses in Theatre Studies at the University of Utrecht.
Previous education: BA of Arts: Film & Literature studies with a Minor in Theatre and Film + Extra courses in Journalism and New Media Studies.
Hobby’s: reading, music, culture, theatre, dance, art, exploring, traveling, site-seeing, daydreaming, taking long walks, running.

Catch phrase:
“don’t dream it, do it”

Favourite writers:
Orhan Pamuk, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, J.K. Rowling, Thomas More, Douglas Adams, Thomas Mann, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Kurt Vonnegut,…
Favourite choreographers:
Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Merce Cunningam, Anne-Theresa de Keersmaeker, Vaslav Nijinski,…
Favourite Artists:
Queen, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Fat Freddy’s Drop, …



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