SHORT REVIEW: The National Theatre’s Othello (Live from London) #NTOthello

26/09 – 20.00pm:
I’m in a comfortable chair sitting in a Pathé theatre in The Hague (Holland) about to watch the premier of The National Theatre’s Othello LIVE from London. I don’t yet know what to expect. Remakes of Shakespeare plays can be absolutely amazing, or absolutely not.
The show starts, I was surprised to see subtitles on the bottom of the screen but it was a happy surprise. From the first moment on, everything was right. The interpretation of the characters, the acting, the music, the setting, the stage, the humor, everything.
Rory Kinnear did an absolutely amazing job portraying Iago. His performance was spot on because from the moment Iago started planning his frame-up I did not like him.
Adrian Lester did amazingly as well. Lester has a really calm but assertive way of acting, he just pulls you into the story. His performance of Othello and his undergoing was breathtaking.

I would gladly go to the theatre tonight and watch it all over again.
Congratulations to all the cast and crew, I really enjoyed the rendition of Othello and I recommend it too all theatre and Shakespeare lovers.


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Allison, 21, BA of Arts and MA of Media Studies (Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies) at Leiden University.

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