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For my journalism class we have to write an article on a subject by choice. The motivation of my article is a video by Celia Rowlson Hall called “The Audition” where she pretends to be in an audition and gets asked to do the weirdest things (click on her name or title of the video to check it out). After seeing this video I started to think, why does she have to do these crazy things? Also, why is she doing them without thinking twice?
The video can be seen as absurdist, humorist but also as something that potentially really happens. So I decided to find out how far young dancers/artists will go to get a spot in a school or production.
I’m now in the middle of my interviewing phase and its going well. I’ve already interviewed the head of a theatre/dance school here in Holland and she gave me some really great input. I’m going to interview some students soon and then I’ll be ready to start the writing process. It’s exciting, this will be my first real journalistic piece.


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Allison, 21, BA of Arts and MA of Media Studies (Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies) at Leiden University.

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