Giving back is important

Giving back is important

On sunday I went to volunteer at an organization called “dogs walking for dogs.” They raise money by creating different events. Everywhere in Belgium they go and invite people to walk together with their dogs, or even without.
The money mostly goes to greyhounds and galgo’s rescuing organizations . Some people might not know but all around the wold greyhounds and galgo’s are bred for nothing else than racing. They’re being put in unbearable living situation, they get drugged up just so that people can bet and watch them run. When they’re no use anymore they get thrown on the street and tortured by the people living there. When you see the pictures of the tortured dogs your heart will break.
Me and my family adopted a greyhound 2 years ago and he is literally the sweetest dog in the world. In the beginning he was really scared, my dad couldn’t touch him, he was afraid to go inside and outside. And now two years later he does not move away from our side. He’s loyal, friendly, and most importantly happy.
The scars on his skin are still visible, he was beaten up bad but somehow he learned to trust people again, he’s the happiest dog in the world right now.
We adopted three of them in total, one of them sadly passed away a few months ago. His name was Muffin and we had him for about 6 months. Now we still have Fundi (the beige one on the photo) and Max (the other one), we’re fostering one soon too who’s been hurt really bad. We’re going to try and rehabilitate him.
Giving back is important. These dogs deserve it. Make a change. Find more information here:


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Allison, 21, BA of Arts and MA of Media Studies (Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies) at Leiden University.

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