First day of school

School started again and even though I’m really excited to learn about all these new things I am a little concerned about the workload. So this is where the planning starts.

On monday I have two courses (both in journalism) one of them gives us a deadline for the upcoming thursday every week so I have to make sure I start the day after or even that same day.
On tuesday I have one course in intercultural literature, I have to read 2/3 texts for that every week so I need to make sure to start reading in time.
On wednesday I have another journalism course which now includes a lot of reading so I have to make sure I finish that every week as well.
On thursday I have two courses, one called expanded cinema (again 2/3 articles a week) and the other is a writing workshop for my bachelor thesis (brainstorming, brainstorming, brainstorming)

So this is what I normally have to do a week, but things can chance. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. I’m going to try and keep up with it all so I can finish my last bachelor year with a smile and so I can walk the stage with my bachelor degree in June or July.



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Allison, 21, BA of Arts and MA of Media Studies (Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies) at Leiden University.

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